Pre Wedding Information...

Hopefully you have found this page as you have booked me as your wedding photographer, if this is the case thank you. Please take a moment to read through the following guide to help ensure I fulfil your photographic requirements on your special day.

A typical day of wedding coverage (depending on your package) includes images from the bride getting ready before the wedding to the first dance. No two weddings are the same so it is important that I have the necessary information to provide you with the images you require.


Weddings are a great opportunity to photograph your close friends and relatives looking their best. With this in mind it is important to ensure that as your photographer I am aware of any special guests that are super important, be it a friend who has travelled from another country or an elderly relative. Prior to the big day please let me know of any Essential Photographs that are required beyond normal coverage this might be that special person or some important detail that you do not want missed.


The next thing you need to consider is group shots. Group shots are a standard part of any wedding, however, some couples like to have many different variations and others prefer to keep it short and sweet allowing more time with their guests. Either way it is important to understand that you should allow between 3-5 minutes per photograph depending on group size, that's assuming no one has disappeared or nipped off to the bar.

During the group shots I usually like to have a nominated person who can help with rounding guests up this is usually the best man or someone who is familiar with the families.

When writing your group lists it is entirely up to you how many you require but please bear in mind that lots of group photos can be tedious for your guests. It would also be a good idea to write the names next to each group, this helps speed things up and reduces the chance of missing anyone.

E.G. Bride, Groom and Grooms Family (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie)

From experience it is usually best to keep the group lists to a maximum of 10 but this is entirely up to you.

Bride and Groom PORTRAITS

Finally the other photos you will need to plan for are the bride and groom portraits. These normally take place after the group shots and you should typically plan for approximately 30 minutes on top of the time allocated for Group Shots to ensure these are not rushed and you get the best possible images of your first moments together as a married couple.


During the day I aim to be unobtrusive and capture your day with minimal interruption, I capture a mixture of candid and posed images where suitable but will not photograph formal table groups unless requested otherwise. Please let me know if this is a specific requirement.

In Summary

Before the day I will need:

  • Timings for the day

  • A list of Essential Photos

  • A list of Group shots

  • A contact on the day to help organise group shots

  • Where to go before the wedding (If bridal or groom prep is required)

Other considerations:

  • Sometimes the ceremony location has limitations on photography, I will need to be made aware of these before the day.

  • Some venues also have restrictions on confetti, if they mention this please let me know beforehand.


For weddings 8 hours or more I will need to stop for lunch this will normally be whilst your guests are eating unless otherwise agreed. Sometimes venues provide lunch for photographers, if this is the case please let me know in advance so I do not bring my own.

Hopefully that has given you something to think about, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.